Rig'Em Right Gang Rig Kit - $99.88

The RigEm Right Gang Rig Kit lets you anchor several dozen decoys by bringing you the best in long-line components. From its heavy-duty mainline, to the fail-safe rope winder, hard-biting anchors, pre-rigged drops and easy-handling stainless steel clips, every part of the RigEm Right Gang Rig Kit is built for the serious waterfowler. The heavy-duty mainline rope is strong, durable and rot resistant for years of service. The reusable rope winder holds more than 300 ft. of 1/4 rope. 3-lb. anchors can hold massive diver spreads in the roughest conditions. Tough, durable drops prevent tangles and remove easily for swapping out decoys.Includes: 300-ft. of 1/4 diameter mainline, nonfloating, solid braid polyester rope, rope winder, 48-36 gang rig drops and four 3-lb. folding grapnel anchors. Type: Gang Rig Kits. - $99.88