Ridley X-Ride Disc / SRAM Apex Complete Bike - 2012 - $1,755.96

For decades, Ridley has been in the driver's seat of cyclocross innovation. And although there are many facets that go into its designs, we credit Ridley's success to its geographic location of Belgium. Being at the irrefutable heart of 'cross, the X-Ride Disc/SRAM Apex Complete Bike benefits from decades of hand-in-hand development with the world's best racers. Now, with a new disc brake design, the X-Ride Disc answers the demands of the Belgian pros, and you, too reap the benefits. Ridley's X-Ride Disc Complete Bike features a frame constructed of triple-butted, 7005 aluminum, and the same full-carbon 4ZA Oryx fork that you'll find on the X-Fire Disc. To mitigate the torque originating from the new disc brake, the fork uses a reinforced lower leg design. This is beneficial in three ways. First, the massive legs guarantees that you won't experience any lurching or torsion from the caliper. Additionally, the larger blades aid in absorbing any chatter, vibration, or shock from nasty terrain. And last, the 1-1/8 x 1-1/2in, oversized design provides unparalleled rigidity. Coupled with the massive head tube juncture, the Oryx fork offers nimble handling and an explosive sprinting prowess -- perfect for the short spurts of power required after barriers. And while the newly redesigned fork is amazing, the frame construction and features bring just as much to the table. The triple-butted, 7005 aluminum construction gives Ridley the confidence to say that the X-Ride is the lightest aluminum 'cross frame in the world. We won't make any assertions quite as bold, but we can say that the massive bottom bracket juncture provides incredible torsional and lateral rigidity. The lightweight tubing also properly absorbs vibration while delivering an explosive handling on par with its carbon older brother, the X-Ride. Aside from materials,Ridley's decades of 'cross experience bred a few frame features that you'll be happy to have when you're running in the mud. - $1,755.96