Ridley Phaeton T Rival Complete Bike - $1,049.00

If you are relatively new to the sport of triathlon or are looking to get into it with the right equipment, you probably aren't wanting to spend the season's race budget on a new bike. Though swimming and running are equally important parts of the race, your technique and times aren't going to improve on a bike that had its heyday when your dad was racing it. Ridley knows the what you need to start your journey to Kona. The Phaeton T SRAM Rival Complete Bike provides all of the aerodynamic and position advantages you need, while offering up unrivaled comfort. With a solid group of components, a sleek, wind-cutting frame design, and a cost-effective price, there's no reason that the bike should be considered your 'weak leg'.Ridley threw almost every trick in its playbook at the Phaeton T frame in order to provide a sound aerodynamic profile. To start, Ridley used strong and stiff, triple-butted 7005 aluminum to construct the tubes. Aluminum, when shaped correctly, offers a toe-to-toe weight-to-stiffness ratio with carbon fiber, which is why we'll take great aluminum over cheap carbon any day of the week. Now, in terms of aerodynamics, a common misconception is that carbon is, in and of itself, naturally aero -- not true. The truth is that carbon is easily molded into aero-shapes, but with Ridley's use of hydroforming on the tubes, it was able to create a profile that cheats drag without sacrificing comfort. Not only does the frame shape increase laminar flow, but the Phaeton also features internal cable routing and Ridley's F-Surface technology to dissipate wind-resistance. F-Surface is easily our favorite feature of this bike, and you won't find it from anyone else but Ridley. Through the strategic placement of textured surfaces on the frame, F-Surface creates an artificial boundary layer that increases laminar flow, and accordingly, permits air to remain attached while passing around the frame. - $1,049.00