Ridley Noah / Shimano Ultegra Di2 Complete Bike - 2012 - $3,699.00

Few UCI-legal bikes can claim the aerodynamic pedigree of the Ridley Noah, and when taken directly into the fury of a two or three-man breakaway, you'll quickly find that every watt-saving advantage the frame offers will help deliver you to the line in first place. Built up with a full Shimano Ultegra Di2 groupset, this Noah complete bike buildout is as economical as it is intelligent and quite frankly, downright fast as well. It's also a build that won't sell short the superior aerodynamics, handling prowess, and rigidity of the Noah -- the same frameset ridden by members of the Lotto Belisol team during the season of the 2012 pro tour. The Ridley Noah has been touted by Robbie McEwen as the fastest bike he's ever ridden for a reason: the Noah offers an extreme advantage in the field of aerodynamics. Ridley pushed the boundaries of drag reduction by incorporating numerous unique design features like its own R-Flow technology. R-Flow focuses on reducing the traffic jam of integrated drag around the wheel areas. To achieve this, Ridley placed long, slotted airfoils on the monocoque 4ZA fork legs and on the seat stays. These airfoils redirect the turbulence generated by the wheels away from the spokes, and allow the wheels to create a boundary layer above their surface and reduce drag. Ridley predicted a number of variables and took a multi-stage approach to reducing the Noah. After air passes through the fork's R-Flow airfoils, the frame shape guides the flow onto a textured surface treatment Ridley calls R-Surface. The R-Surface is applied at key points around the frame, and essentially operates as a trip wire. The rough surface creates a slight turbulence directly above the frame surface. This creates an artificial boundary layer that forces the laminar boundary layer towards the forward part of the frame to become turbulent. This process enables airflow to remain attached over more of the frame, and provide a lower level of drag. - $3,699.00