Ridley Noah RS/SRAM Red Complete Bike - 2012 - $3,099.00

The Ridley Noah RS is proof you don't need a six-figure income to have a Grand Tour-worthy machine parked in your living room. But lets just cut to the chase and discuss the compromises made on the Noah RS, as compared to the flagship Noah model. Surprisingly, there aren't many. The Noah RS is built with a slightly lower modulus carbon than the Noah and doesn't come equipped with an integrated seatpost. And sure, you take a small step down in components, but that's about it. The Noah RS features the same geometry as the Noah, and also comes with Ridley's innovative R-Flow Jet Foil fork. The R-Flow is designed to channel air away from the rotating spokes to create less turbulenceand less turbulence means higher speeds. The same beautiful paint (no decals here) Ridley is known for is prevalent in the RS, making it as easy on the eyes as it is over the Belgian cobbles. The ultra-reliable SRAM drivetrain won't leave you yearning for more when it's time to turn back home, and Ridley's 4ZA hoops offer the buttery-smoothness of a race wheel mated to the toughness of an everyday training wheel. All things considered, if the only compromise you're willing to make is price, then look no further than the Ridley Noah RS.Ridley claims their R-Surface sections of paint improves laminar air flow up to 3.6%not bad for paint Internal cable routing minimizes wind drag and gives the RS a streamlined look Compact chainrings provide the power to climb without sacrificing the sprint Oversized bottom bracket won't flex like wet noodle in the final 200 meters The taller head tube, combined with the deeper-drop handlebar, creates comfortable, yet aggressive handling Shaped tubing for further cheating the wind - $3,099.00