Ridley Helium - 2011 - $1,749.00

The original superstar frameset in the Ridley line up was the Excalibur. It balanced lightness, stiffness, durability, and beauty -- in other words it melded nearly every variable that matters when you're considering a new frameset. It makes logical sense, then, that Ridley chose to expand upon the Excalibur platform with the design of the Helium. Like the Excalibur, the Helium is built in a monocoque design with oversized, round tubes. Its tubing diameters are equally beefy for optimum flex-resistance, and it has the same enormous-diameter tubing junctures at the headtube/down tube and down tube/BB, as well as the oversized integrated headset with a 1.5" lower bearing.But unlike the Excalibur, the Helium features an integrated seatmast design akin to the super-aero Ridley Noah. We will cut down the carbon fiber seat tube of the frame based on your saddle-to-BB measurement. You'll use a custom Ridley seat clamp that seamlessly mates to the seat tube and offers three different positions to modify your effective seat angle. The use of this integrated seat tube/seatpost maximizes the stiffness of the Helium and it offers added frameset stiffness when you're putting the bike under serious in-the-saddle pressure, and of course it looks like a million bucks. Even though the Helium is made with an integrated seat tube/seatpost, it weighs less than the Excalibur at 900 grams thanks to the fact it uses a superior grade of carbon fiber. The Helium uses 30-ton carbon with areas of 40-ton and 50-ton reinforcements (in comparison to the 24-ton carbon used on the Excalibur.) By using higher-grade carbon, Ridley can literally use less carbon in the production process, netting a lower weight bike. The Helium also utilizes full carbon dropouts and doesn't use any aluminum in the head tube bearing races to reduce weight further. - $1,749.00