Ride Machete Gt Wide Snowboard 158 - Men's - $411.95

FOR THOSE THAT DEMAND MOREThe mountain is your playground on this aggressive, yet surfy twin built for hitting features and locking in landings. All mountain freestyle chargers will ben- efit from the new versatile Hybrid LowRize shape designed with the playful LowRize rocker in the tip and tail, and the responsive level micro-camber zone under foot. Taking this response a step further, we have graced the Machete GT with our all-new Popwalls that combines carbon and Slimewall layers on the sidewall. By moving the carbon to the outside edge of the board we are maximizing the response, grip and stability, making this twin ideal for going big while maintaining an all around playful feel. Key Features of the Ride Machete Gt Wide Snowboard: Feel: 7 Freestyle All Mtn Centered Stance Thin Con NEW! Hybrid LowRize™ NEW! Popwalls™ Membrain® Carbon Array 5™ Cleave Edge™ Hybrid Glass Fusion 4000 Base™ 2x4 Inserts - $411.95