Richard A. Wolters Dog Training DVDs - $22.88

These 60 plus-minute DVDs are divided into chapters that can be flipped to instantly with the click of your remote, and have taken Richard Wolters classic training techniques and titles and transferred them to an easy to follow training course demonstrated by modern day professionals for you and your dog. Available: The 39-chapter Game Dog focuses on upland and waterfowl work. Watch as a handler takes a seven week old pup and transforms it into a skilled partner. The DVD also covers force fetching and honoring. Water Dog takes you, in 47 chapters, from the beginning steps of choosing a puppy and basic commands to advanced hand signals, multiple marking, force fetching and honoring. Everything that a waterfowler wants in a retriever is covered in this video. The DVD adds some upland info for a more rounded hunter. 48 chapters of Gun Dog go into the areas of the essential whoa commands using the time tested pulley technique, and sometimes tricky retrieving skills involving force fetching. Gun Dog DVD also covers 5 tests for pup selection and offers vet tips. The 37-chapter Family Dog is for a healthy first class member of your family, includes dog selection, house breaking and basic obedience all without unneeded frustration and time consuming training marathons. Type: Dog Training DVDs. - $22.88