Go Rhino! rhino trunk and case trunk accessories - $14.99

Rhino blends technology with classic design elements to deliver trunks of world-renowned quality for storage and travel. These accessories will help you get the most from your Rhino trunk (trunk not included). Made in USA. Available:Wordlock One of the finest trunk combination locks available anywhere. The lock uses a word rather than numbers for the combination, making it easier to remember the code needed to open and lock the unit. Its a child-friendly lock that wont accept four-letter profane words and provides 100,000 possible word and letter combinations for optimal security.Available: Silver, Pink, Red, Black.Anchor Cable System A system for securely fastening your Rhino trunk to a fixed object in order to prevent someone from stealing the trunk. Perfect for college dorm rooms, longer stays at lodges and vacation destinations or long-term storage. Use the included Masterlock Python 1/4 x 6-ft. braided-steel, cut-resistant cable and four-pin cylinder lock to fasten the trunk to a bed, pillar or loft. The cable secures to an eye bolt in the back of the trunk. When you dont want to use the cable system, remove the eye bolt and replace it with the provided steel hole plug.Available: Silver, Black.Wheels Easy-to-use, removable wheels you can add to any Rhino trunk with factory-installed wheel plates. Add the steel and rubber wheels in a matter of seconds with a twist of your wrist. You dont even have to lift up the trunk to attach them and they do not add any height to the trunk. Designed for use only on Rhino trunks. Per pair. Type: Accessories. Style Wordlock. - $14.99