Reynolds Thirty Two Wheelset - Clincher - $1,855.00

Clincher is a word you rarely see paired with "climbing wheels." However, the two go together perfectly with the Reynolds Thirty Two Carbon Clincher Wheelset. Unlike many other climbing clinchers, these hoops have low spoke counts, 20 in the front and 24 in the back. Fewer spokes here means aerodynamic efficiency as well.The name refers to the rim depth. While 32mm is relatively shallow these days, it's deep enough to make an aero difference. Add to that the details that Reynolds addresses, and you'll maximize the effect. The spoke nipples are hidden from the wind, inside the rim, and they also have Reynolds' patented Swirl Lip Generator to make the wheel even faster.The Swirl Lip Generators are two tiny lips on either side of the narrow edge of the rim. If you didn't know better, you might think they were parting lines that weren't sanded down after the rim came out of the mold. There's no sanding forgotten, and they're hardly an accident. The SLG creates turbulence that helps the airflow reattach faster behind, after passing over the rim. They also have the effect of decreasing sideways air force on the rim, and in so doing, make your bike easier to steer in crosswinds. This means it takes less concentration and less strength to pilot the bike, which means you can devote more concentration and more strength to going fast.The second big change is their new CTg brake track. C is for Cryo, Tg for glass transition temperature. As you know, heat build-up is not a good thing at the brake track. For clinchers, heat build-up can lead to deformation of the rim at the brake track, which can lead to a tire literally blowing off the rim. Another worry is brake pads melting in the ...perfect for the hardest courses, where the terrain demands a light wheelset, yet they give little away on flat, windy roads... heat. The new CTg tracks are the result of a new resin system and a new laminate structure. - $1,855.00