Reynolds Thirty Two T Tubular Wheelset - $2,200.00

The Thirty Two stands on its own within the Reynolds line of wheels. Sure, there're a couple of other 32mm wheels, but they don't come within 300 grams of the Reynolds Thirty Two T Tubular Wheelset. So, with a shallow profile and an overall weight that's under 1100 grams, the Thirty Two could just as well be called the Reynolds Climber. Comparing the Thirty Two to any other Reynolds wheels is a bit like comparing apples-to-oranges. In fact, tipping the scales around a respectable 1075 grams, the Thirty Two's closest weight competitor is the insanely light RZR 46 (968g). How was it done' With Reynolds' CR6 Hybrid Carbon, of course. This is the same carbon fiber found in the Aero line of wheels. It's used in both lines because it allows a high level of torsional and lateral rigidity without the detriment of stacking grams. And for the Aero line, its light weight and high tensile strength keeps the weight of a 26.2mm wide rim down. When used on the Thirty Two's maximum width of 20.8mm and a rim depth of 32mm, rotational weight becomes almost negligible. So, it can be asserted that while the Thirty Two's aerodynamics play a vital role in its design, it hasn't undergone the same extensive DET tunnel-testing as the Aero series. However, like the RZR 46, the Thirty Two has received Reynolds' Swirl Lip Generator (SLG) technology. It's easy to miss, but the leading edge of the rim features a 0.9mm lip in order to widen it near the spoke face. Accordingly, this minimizes pressure drag by reducing side forces on the rim, leaving room for responsiveness and weight to be the paramount characteristics of the Thirty Two. And along these lines, you'll find that the wheels roll up to speed quickly, and demand less user-force to keep them there. Additionally, its exceptional stiffness-to-weight ratio guarantees a nimble reaction to your force when you jump to pin down a climbing break. - $2,200.00