Reynolds RZR 46 Wheelset - $4,500.00

As aficionados of carbon fiber, Reynolds understands that you could care less what a governing cycling body says you should ride or not ride. You demand uninhibited speed and a light weight that screams up any climb. So, if this sounds up your alley, Reynolds basically created the RZR 46 Wheelset for you. At a mere 968 grams per pair, not even the Lightweight Gipfelsturm or Obermayer Gold compare in the weight category. And through implementing some of the most advanced aerodynamic technologies and designs on the market, Reynolds ensure that the RZR 46 stands completely peerless. Now, we're going to be forward -- the complexity of the RZR design is deep, but we'll walk through it together. To start, we need to understand the prevalent ideology in aerodynamic wheel design, and to do so, we need to understand drag. What is it' Simply put, it's the restraining force that acts on the wheel when its direction of motion is counter to the free stream of airflow. Now, airflow near the surface of a wheel is turbulent by nature, and when it comes close to the rim surface, it becomes a turbulent boundary layer. This is the start of two kinds of drag, skin friction and pressure drag. Currently, wheel makers are attempting to harness the turbulent layer, reattaching it at the rear section of the rim. The reasoning behind this is that the system reduces pressure drag, but in return, the wheel sees gains in skin friction. However, this is viewed as a comprising trade off, as skin friction has around a ten-fold lower drag value than pressure drag. To maximize this turbulent system, we've been seeing builders create a constant, rounded edge at the spoke face. For those attempting it, it's been viewed as a leap forward in design. However, Reynolds finds it to be counterintuitive. We'll explain. You see, the science of aerodynamics has developed almost as a case of supply and demand. - $4,500.00