Reynolds Assault Wheelset- Clincher - $962.47

Privateer gear. This is something we discuss at length in mountain biking, but don't address enough on the road. Most of us sponsor ourselves. We need components that are practical; we need parts that are light, strong, and fast and that can do it all on a budget. This intersection on the component matrix is filled admirably by Reynolds with their Assault Carbon Clincher Wheelset.With an all-carbon rim, they're light. With a 46mm depth, they're fast. With a strong, proven design, they're durable. In comparison to their high end Forty Six Wheelset, Reynolds cut some costs by going with Asian-sourced KT hubs rather than DT Swiss. They also use DT Revolution spokes, rather than Aerolite. But it's the same general shape as their Forty Six clincher, with a meager weight penalty thanks to the hubs and a simpler, heavier carbon-fiber lay-up in the same mold.As with the Forty Six, the Assault wheels boast Reynolds' CTg brake track. The CTg brake track is something special. Heat build-up is an issue that dogs all carbon-fiber rims. Reynolds has made a new laminate that can withstand more heat without breaking down. Along with the laminate, Reynolds also designed their own brake pads to work with the rims. The result is a safer wheel that brakes more consistently and should leave you with no worries about the rim heating up your tire.All Reynolds wheel owners can buy themselves some extra peace of mind by purchasing Reynolds' three-year damage protection plan. It's called RAP, short for Reynolds Assurance Plan. The insurance means you should have little fear that a crash will ruin your wheel investment. Find out more about it on the "Reynolds Cycling site.There are 20 radial front spokes and 24 cross-2 drive and radial non-drive rear. The nipples are internal and alloy and can be adjusted with a Reynolds-specific internal spoke wrench. The included skewers have steel shafts and alloy levers. - $962.47