Reynolds 29er Carbon Wheelset - $1,990.00

The complexity of building wheels that are both tough enough for off-road use and still supremely light is something that has pushed engineers to the limit. Carbon fiber has opened up a new chapter for wheel designers, and Reynolds has been at the forefront of this movement -- proof being its latest 29er. It's a full high-modulus carbon-fiber rim, designed specifically for tubeless use. The rim's inward leading walls are intended to help with bead locking to prevent tire rotation under braking and dreaded air burps. It also minimize the chance of pinch flatting, and enhances the rims overall strength and stiffness. The rim has a 28mm width with a 21mm internal channel. A nice feature of Reynolds wheels is that they use a traditional spoke and nipple design for field service with easy truing and maintenance. The nipples are alloy for reduced rotational weight and both front and rear spokes are straight pull DT-Swiss Revolution for high tension and total wheel strength. There are 24 spokes front and rear, and they're laced in a two-cross pattern for resistance to twisting forces from braking or pedaling. The hubs are constructed from aluminum and use cartridge bearings for smooth operation and long term durability. The fast engaging alloy freehub body ensures smooth ratcheting and instant acceleration. While the wheels should be plenty tough, all Reynolds wheel owners can buy themselves some extra peace of mind by purchasing Reynolds' two-year damage protection plan. It's called RAP, short for Reynolds Assurance Plan. The insurance means you should have little fear that a crash will ruin your wheel investment. Find out more about it on the Reynolds Cycling site. The Reynolds 29er Carbon Wheelset comes with a set of tubeless-ready valves for tubeless tires. Only use plastic tire levers with carbon-fiber rims; Reynolds specifically discourages the use of metal tire levers. The wheels are for disc brakes only and come with mounts for six-bolt rotors. - $1,990.00