Dustin Retrievers retriever fever dog training dvds - $24.88

Retriever Fever Dog Training DVDs will help you properly train and educate your retriever.Available:Puppy - Set a training foundation for your dog's life (puppy to adult) with these tips and techniques from expert dog-trainer Shawn Dustin. Details the desire to please, retrieve and ability to understand training pressure. Topics include: puppy selection, crate training, introduction to training equipment, birds and water, Question Answer and more.47 min. Gun Dog - Covers everything from obedience to force training in the field. Covers in detail: force training, confidence building, hunt stimulation, upland work, and obedience. 75 min. Advanced - Step-by-step guide to using electronic collars, multiple marks and hand signals. Discusses: use of electronic collars, whistle commands, advanced retrieves, hunt tests, and much more. 108 min. Subject: Dog Training. Type: Books & DVD's. Type: Dog Training DVDs. Title Gundog Dvd. - $24.88