Remington UMC Pistol Ammunition - 9mm 115 Grain MC per 50 - $11.49

If the box has Remington's name on it, you know it's ammo you can count on, and UMC brings 140 years of design innovation and manufacturing excellence to shooting enthusiasts for dependable results. These UMC centerfire semiautomatic pistol cartridges are great for practice, target shooting and training exercises. At these prices, they present you with the optimum blend of value and performance. The UMC Leadless Pistol Ammunition is a must-have for shooters that frequent indoor ranges. The specially designed Flat Nose Enclosed Base (FNEB) bullet prevents the vaporization of lead from the bullet's base upon firing. The cartridges feature the industry's best heavy-metal-free primer. Standard bullet weights duplicate the ballistics of conventional loads. Like all of UMC's offerings, the leadless cartridges offer an economical value for high-volume shooters without any compromise in quality. Per 50. - $11.49