Remington Fast Snap 2.0 Handgun Cleaning Kit - $9.88

Universal kits clean multiple rifles and pistols. Remingtons Fast Snap T-handle makes firearm cleaning easy. Kits include a bore light with three batteries, 1-oz. Rem Oil lubricant, 2-oz. Brite Bore solvent, 25 small cleaning patches, 25 medium cleaning patches and 25 large cleaning patches. Available: Handgun Kit Includes 12 flex cleaning rod; 24 flex cleaning rod; revolver adapter; .22 and .30 slotted brass patch pullers; .22, 9mm/.38, 10mm/.40, .44/.45 brass bore brushes; .22, 9mm/.38, 10mm/.40, .44/.45 mops. - $9.88