Federal American Eagle Ammunition with Ammo Can - $159.99

Rely on top-notch performance from the affordable Federal American Eagle Ammunition with Ammo Can, which is specifically engineered to meet the needs of high-volume shooters. Reliable and accurate, these loads feature new-manufacture reloadable boxer-primed brass cases, clean-burning powders, noncorrosive primers and bullets. Each lot comes packaged in a mil-spec metal ammo can, a $20 value, thats perfect for long-term ammo storage, organization and transportation to the range. Made in USA. Available: FNH 5.7x28mm Bridges the gap between the 9mm ammunition and the 5.56x45mm. Designed to operate in the FNH USA Five-Seven handgun and the PS-90 semiautomatic carbine. Loaded with a 40-grain Hornady V-Max bullet. This is SS197SR version ammunition. Per 500. 9mm Features 115-grain FMJ bullets. Per 500. .40 SW Features 165-grain FMJ bullets. Per 350. .45ACP Features 230-grain FMJ bullets. Per 350. .38 Special Features 158-grain Lead Round Nose bullets. Per 400. Type: Centerfire Handgun. - $159.99