REI Half Dome 4 Tent - $199.93

The new REI Half Dome 4 is a lightweight, weather-worthy backpacking tent for 4 that maximizes livability, access and storage-and the price is unbeatable! 2 side doors and 2 vestibules offer easy access and personalized storage for each occupant; 2 vents ensure the tent stays well ventilated. Rectangular floor plan optimizes usable space and allows comfortable sleeping shoulder-to-shoulder or head-to-toe. Color-coded poles and pole clips ensure an easy setup. Frame design combines multidiameter Combi poles and unique dual-hub architecture to create nearly vertical side and end walls; the result is spacious area-wide headroom. DACFeatherlite(R) NSL poles and engineered plastic hubs combine to offer a high-performance pole set that is strong, durable and lightweight. Exclusive Tension Truss architecture leverages bound seams to provide low-weight structural stability and to increase interior volume. Fully adjustable ceiling vents mitigate condensation by drawing cool air under the fly and exhausting warm, moist air. Hybrid floor combines sealed seams and bathtub curves to create a waterproof, taut floor; tautness enhances door-zipper operation and maximizes volume at end walls. Multiple storage options include corner pockets, roof pockets and hang loops. Location and shape of tent door zippers allow smooth, 1-handed operation; use the door pockets to hold doors out of the way or for storage. Vestibule zipper opening aligns with tent door for no-hassle operation, entry and exit. UV-resistant polyester rainfly will not stretch or expand when wet, ensuring a consistently taut pitch. No-wick welded construction ensures that moisture won't sneak through susceptible areas, such as guy-out points, pole wraps and zippers. Mood-elevating colors create a pleasant interior even when the weather outside is uninviting. - $199.93