REI Grande Shower Kit - Peacock Print - 2012 Special Buy - $12.93

The REI Grande shower kit keeps your toiletries organized for easy packing. REI Grande shower kit conveniently stands up for counter-top use or hangs from its own stowaway hook to free up counter space. Zippered panel opening provides secure closure. Quart-size, clear zip pouch holds liquids and is removable for easy airport screening; it nests nicely inside kit for use at your destination. Multiple organizer features keep toiletries neat; mesh pockets accommodate household-size bottles. Interior zippered pocket has a water-resistant liner to separate dry items from wet. Includes compact mirror made from break-resistant plastic; rip-and-stick fasteners ensure easy removal. Carry handle allows easy kit handling. Durable nylon resists abrasion, tears, scuffs and punctures. Special buy. - $12.93