REI Backpacker Plus Multiday First-Aid Kit - $33.50

The REI Backpacker Plus Multiday first-aid kit is designed to meet the needs of 4 people for 5 days while traveling in the backcountry. All contents are packed together in a zippered nylon case; clear vinyl compartments let you easily identify the items you need. Comes with "The Wilderness First Aid Manual" by Dr. William Forgey for quick reference while on the trail; also includes an accident/evacuation record. Treat wounds with five 3 x 0.75 in. adhesive bandages, five 3 x 1 in. adhesive bandages, 4 knuckle adhesive bandages, 4 fingertip bandages and 4 butterfly closures. Also includes four 2 x 2 in. gauze pads, three 3 x 3 in. gauze pads, a 3 x 2 in. non-adherent pad, a 4 x 3 in. non-adherent pad and four 4 x 4 in. sterile top sponges. Two 4 x 3 in. pieces of moleskin, a 9 x 5 in. abdominal/pressure pad, a 4.1 yd. x 2 in. stretch gauze roll, a 10 yd. x 1 in. roll of tape and a 2 in. elastic bandage. Prep and care for wounds with 3 antibacterial wipes, 4 triple-antibiotic ointment packets, 3 sting relief wipes, 3 povidone-iodine wipes and 1 antimicrobial hand wipe. Medications include 4 Nutralox(R) mint antacid tablets, 4 Proprinal(R) ibuprofen 200mg tablets and 4 Cetafen(R) acetaminophen 325mg tablets. Also includes 2 Histaprin(R) diphenhydramine 25mg tablet and 1 pill vial and label. Equipment includes 3 safety pins, a pair of latex-free medical gloves, bandage scissors, splinter forceps and a 10 x 8 in. resealable waste bag. Assembled in the USA with domestic and imported parts. - $33.50