REI Backpacker Plus Extended First-Aid Kit - $48.50

The REI Backpacker Plus Extended first-aid kit is designed to meet the needs of up to 6 people for 8 days while traveling in the backcountry. All contents are packed together in a zippered nylon case; clear vinyl compartments let you easily identify the items you need. Includes a removable kit so you can bring along just what you need for short day hikes from base camp. Comes with "The Wilderness First Aid Manual" by Dr. William Forgey for quick reference while on the trail; also includes 2 accident/evacuation records and a pencil. Treat wounds with six 3 x 0.75 in. adhesive bandages, eight 3 x 1 in. adhesive bandages, 5 knuckle adhesive bandages, 5 fingertip bandages and 5 butterfly closures. Also includes four 2 x 2 in. gauze pads, four 3 x 3 in. gauze pads, a 3 x 2 in. non-adherent pad, two 4 x 3 in. non-adherent pads and eight 4 x 4 in. sterile top sponges. Four 4 x 3 in. pieces of moleskin, a 9 x 5 in. abdominal/pressure pad, a 4.1 yd. x 2 in. stretch gauze roll and a 4.1 yd. x 3 in. stretch gauze roll. Contains four 6 in. sterile cotton-tip applicators, a wire splint, 1 triangular bandage, 10 yd. x 1 in. roll of tape, a 3 in. elastic bandage and an irrigation syringe. Prep and care for wounds with 3 antibacterial wipes, 6 triple-antibiotic ointment packets, 6 sting relief wipes, 6 povidone-iodine wipes and 1 antimicrobial hand wipe. Also includes 2 hydrocortisone cream packets and 1 aloe vera gel packet. Medications include 6 Nutralox(R) mint antacid tablets, 6 Proprinal(R) ibuprofen 200mg tablets and 6 Cetafen(R) acetaminophen 325mg tablets. Also includes 3 Histaprin(R) diphenhydramine 25mg caplets, 3 Diamode(R) loperamide 2mg caplets and 1 pill vial with label. Equipment includes 6 safety pins, a pair of latex-free medical gloves, bandage scissors, splinter forceps and a 10 x 8 in. resealable waste bag. Assembled in the USA with domestic and imported parts. - $48.50