Reef Runner 700-Series Ripstick - Pink Lemonade - $7.99

These floating/divers may just be the hottest walleye crankbaits in the country. The unique body design produces a slow irresistible wobble that fish cannot resist. Eagle Claw Kahle treble hooks strike fast and hold tight. Dives to 6-8 when cast, 12 when trolled. Size: 5/8 oz., 4-3/4. Colors: (014)Bubble Gum, (021)Firetiger, (030)Chrome/Blue Back, (105)Purple Sunfire, (221)Purple Nurple, (353)Rainbow Trout, (428)Eriedescent, (526)Blue Hawaiian, (928)Pink Lemonade. Color: Pink Lemonade. Type: Stick Baits. - $7.99