Redding Titanium Carbide Handgun Three-Die Sets - $79.99

The quality and accuracy of your reloaded ammunition depends largely on the quality of the equipment you use to assemble it. Redding uses the finest alloy steels available to construct its dies. Each is machined on a Hardinge Super-Precision lathe capable of holding the tightest tolerances in the industry and heat-treated to maintain those tolerances. They are then hand-polished to ensure smooth, flawless functioning, ultrasonically cleaned and packaged. These dies are guaranteed to produce ammunition that will properly fit any standard (SAAMI) chamber, regardless of action type, and all have industry-standard 78-14 threads. Titanium carbide is ideal for lubeless cartridge-case resizing because its harder than any other readily available carbide material. In addition to being strong, its slick, nonabrasive surface makes case extraction consistently easy. Set includes titanium-carbide sizing die; expander die with neck-expanding plug and a seating die that includes a bullet guide, built-in crimping and proper seating plug. - $79.99