Really Big Booda Bones Dog Chews - $0.88

Aspen Pet has dedicated years to the development of the new Booda Bone, a highly digestible treat that dogs love. Pet parents prefer them because they are a wholesome treat that not only tastes good to dogs, but also helps their teeth. They have uniform width and depth and are made of natural cornstarch, which assures that the bones offer a healthy and dissolvable alternative to nylon chews. This high rate of dissolvability prevents blockages in the digestive tract to keep your dog feeling well. Designed with a new textured, flat-end bone profile to help fight plaque and tartar. Low-fat, wheat-free and stain-free. Contains only natural colors and flavors. Available: 2-pack, 7-pack.Flavors: Assorted Mint, Chicken.Size: 38 grams each. 4-3/4". For dogs 35-50 lbs. - $0.88