Real-Geese Magnum-Lite 3-D Silhouette Canada Goose Decoys - Camouflage - $139.99

Digitally enhanced photographic images bring out detail and overcome the natural camouflage of Canada geese. The result is a decoy that shows up at distances 50 farther than conventional decoys, yet still looks right when the birds are locked up and settling into your spread. Produced using advanced manufacturing processes and the best materials for superior structural integrity in high wind and pliability at below-zero temperatures. Realistic colors and the flat finish are etched into the material so it won't fade or flake. Lightweight and portable, one person can comfortably carry up to six dozen at a time. Easy to transport, set up and store. Twelve separate poses ranging up to 25 H to 35 L. Color-matched, premium-wood stakes take the abuse of subzero temperatures. Shipping weight: 8 lbs. Per 12. Color: Camouflage. Type: Canada Goose Decoys. - $139.99