Reaction Strike Rattlin' Revolution Shad - $7.88

The first lure that blends the fish-catching prowess of a vibration bait and a swimbait. Unlike typical vibration baits that produce sound with side-to-side movement, this lure generates sound by belly roll. Just like a swimbait, its jointed body produces a tantalizing tail action that mimics a fleeing baitfish with uncanny realism. This versatile lure can be trolled, cast and even jigged to vary your presentation options. Large, realistic eyes add to the lures effectiveness. Per each.Size: 3-1/2, 5/8 oz. Colors: (007)Bluegill, (145)Chrome Black, (154)Gold Black, (407)Red Craw, (416)Blue Back Herring, (457)Ghost Minnow. - $7.88