Reaction Innovations Skinny Dipper - Green/Black - $6.49

A soft plastic bait you can rig for weedless performance to swim over grass beds or through submerged weeds by adding weight. The slender design and paddle tail generate vibrations big bass cant resist. You can also fish it on a Carolina rig to work creek channels with grass and brush, or bounce over submerged humps. Its large and sturdy enough to accommodate up to a 6/0 hook. Per 7. Size: 5. Colors: (007)White, (009)Watermelon/Green Pumpkin, (020)Pearl Blue Shad, (022)Lime Ice Green, (024)Bad Shad, (045)White Green/Black Fleck, (046)Clear/Violet Flake, (063)Brown/Chartreuse/Black Flake, (092)Houdini, (093)Sexy Shad, (096)Light Hitch, (098)Shiner. Color: Green/Black. Type: Jerk Baits. - $6.49