Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver - Black/Blue - $5.99

The Sweet Beaver makes a great flipping bait. It can also be used Texas- or Carolina-rigged or as a jig or spinnerbait trailer. The soft plastic baits twitching action does a great job imitating a crawfish. Two- and three-color tones produce lifelike color patterns that catch fish. Sizes: 4-1/4 (per 10), 3-1/2 (per 12). Colors: (001)Black/Blue, (002)Black/Red, (003)Junebug, (004)Watermelon, (006)Watermelon/Red, (008)California 420, (017)Magic Craw Swirl, (025)Sprayed Grass, (029)Hematoma, (034)Green Pumpkin, (040)Black/Blue Laminate, (063)Green Pumpkin/Chartreuse Laminate, (071)Juicy, (075)Green Pumpkin Red, (099)Tattoo, (100)Black Light, (103)Brown Swirl/Black Flake, (106)Violator. Color: Black/Blue. Type: Creatures. - $5.99