RCBS Turret Deluxe Reloading Kit - $489.99

Save money by getting everything you need to start reloading in one bundle with the RCBS Turret Deluxe Reloading Kit that includes the RCBS Turret Press, Uniflow Powder Measure, M500 Reloading Scale, case lube kit, a .17- to .60-cal. deburring tool, universal case-loading block, primer tray, powder funnel, fold-up hex-key wrench set and Nosler #7 reloading manual. RCBS Turret Press can be operated in either progressive or single-stage mode. Heavy-duty cast-iron construction. Six stations on the turret head have 7/8-14 threads to accommodate most reloading dies and offer flexibility in the mounting sequence of dies and powder measure. A detent ensures positive alignment. The turret head is held in place by one bolt, allowing quick, easy changeovers. The ball handle can be positioned for right- or left-hand use, and theres a primer catcher that snaps off for convenient disposal. Primer plugs and sleeves are included for seating large and small primers. M500 Reloading Scale features a proven two-poise design that lets you weigh up to 505 gr. with 0.1-gr. accuracy, as well as a magnetic dampening system for fast readings and maintenance-free movement. Tip-proof, ambidextrous metal pan makes loading simple, while the rugged die-cast metal base features a grain-to-gram conversion table to help with calculations and recipe conversions. Leveling foot ensures pinpoint accuracy. Uniflow Powder Measure has an adjustable cylinder, throwing from 10 grains to 110 grains of powder. Pours uniformly from measuring cylinder into case, eliminating clogging. Changes easily from charge to charge without emptying powder hopper. Accurately measures all three major powder types ball, cylindrical and flake. Type: Reloading Kits. - $489.99