RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Select Reloading Kit with Speer No. 14 Reloading Manual and Trim Pro Case Trimmer - $419.88

The RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Select Reloading Kit is a comprehensive collection of everything you need to get started reloading except dies, shell holders and cartridge components. Whats more, the advanced equipment in this kit will get you started with top-notch gear that will serve you well for years to come. Kit includes a Rock Chucker Supreme Press, a Speer No. 14 Reloading Manual, the Trim Pro Case-Trimmer Kit, Deburring Tool, Universal Hand-Priming Tool, Uniflow Powder Measure, Advanced Powder-Measure Stand, RangeMaster 750 Digital Scale, Quick-Change Powder Funnel Kit, 4-oz. bottle of Case Slick Spray Lube, Universal Case-Loading Block, Precision Handloading DVD and a FREE RCBS logo cap. Cast-iron construction. Larger window opening accommodates todays longer magnum cartridges. Comfortable right- or left-hand use. - $419.88