RCBS Pro 2000 Auto Progressive Reloading Press - $499.88

The APS priming system and reliable mechanical cam action make this Pro 2000 press a great way to get started in progressive reloading or add another option to your existing setup. APS is the safest, most convenient priming system around. A strip loader and empty strips are included in this kit. You get the Pro 2000 press with the ability to use five stations to help you crank out completed centerfire rounds faster than you can with a single-stage press setup. A case-activated powder measure stops accidental powder spills, and the Uniflow Powder Measure features a precise micrometer adjustment screw for consistent powder charges with each stroke. Quick-change die plates let you switch from one caliber to another quickly and easily, and you can change the primer size youre working with in less than a minute. Other accessories include: a bullet tray, an empty brass bin and a loaded cartridge bin. Dies and shellholder not included. - $499.88