Raymarine Dsm 30 Sounder Module - $529.99

Add high-definition digital technology to your Raymarine E-Series or C-Series multifunctional display. A-Scope gives you a real-time representation of fish and bottom structure and displays the history of your A-Scope in the standard sounder image scrolling across your screen. Auto or manual zoom magnification of any part of the 200 or 50 kHz fish finder screen image (2X, 4X, 6X). Bottom lock feature shows the bottom as a straight line, detecting fish close to the bottom while removing wave action from the fish finder image. White line feature distinguishes between fish and the bottom. Full, half and quarter screens available dependent on function. The DSM30 is specially designed for 12-Volt DC electrical systems, has a 600-watt available output power and boasts dual-frequency operation at 200/50 kHz. 5,000-ft. maximum depth. Waterproof. Networking compatible with Plus-series radars, chartplotters and fish finders. - $529.99