Ray-Ban Cockpit Polarized Sunglasses - $200.00

Timeless, authentic and imaginative, Ray-Ban sunwear remains true to its classic heritage while continually evolving to meet today's fashion demands. Ray-Ban sunglasses offer sensational styling combined with 100% protection from UV radiation at 400 nanometers. This level of protection ensures your eyes are well shielded from the danger of both UVA and UVB rays. The high-quality polarized lenses feature a special filter imbedded with tiny crystals that eliminate reflected glare to reduce eye strain, enhance color, optimize depth perception and overall visual acuity. Gunmetal frame with Crystal Green lenses, Silver frame Green lenses not shown. Lens Material / Power: Glass. Type: Polarized. Type: Polarized. Lens Color: Green. Frame Color: Gold. Fits Size: Universal Fit. Frame Color: Gold. Gender: Men's. Fits Size: Universal Fit. Lens Material / Power: Glass. Lens Color: Green. Lens Color Green. Style Gold. - $200.00