Rave Razor Towable Tube - $109.99

Nimble, light and quick help describe the Razor Series of tubes! Snap it off the water with a double-up and show your friends the sharp bottom graphics screened on the Skim Fast bottom material. These Razor tubes are kind to your skin but cut the water big time!Key Features of The Rave Razor Towable: Skim Fast material is coated to be extremely slippery so that you can get up on plane quicker than other tubes Heavy duty PVC bladder 600 denier polyester cover Reinforced quick connect tow point Foam filled handles with Neoprene knuckle guards and a Neoprene chafe guard for your legs Cruise in style as the RAVE Tail lofts a plume of water 15 feet high behind you 1 Adult 14.5lbs - $109.99