Rave Pontoon Slide Water Slide - $399.95

Family fun in a way that you have never before experienced! Put a patent pending RAVE Sports Pontoon Slide onto your pontoon boat and add a new dimension to boating fun. Entertain all ages with this rugged commercial grade inflatable slide that requires only a couple of minutes to set up. Place it over the side gate of the pontoon boat, inflate with the included 12V pontoon boat battery powered inflator/ deflator, secure to the exterior rail with 4 attached straps and begin sliding away. 1 Slider. 8ft* Material: PVC * Size: 10' x 25" x 68" * Weight: 30 lbs * Set-Up: 5 minutes * Minimum Depth: 5' * Included: 4 inset molded foot steps; 2 molded vinyl assist handles; 12V high pressure inflator/deflator * Note: Compact for easy storage in a cooler, duffle or under the seat. Rolls up to the size of a sleeping bag! - $399.95