Rave Diablo 2 Towable Tube - $73.95

This "D" shape tube is as hot as they come for action and stability.With built in centrifugal force deterrents, riders are kept in place by the perimeter inflated sponsons at the rear meaning fewer stops to pick up riders and overall less fuel consumed. Soft-Grip foam filled handles with foam knuckle guards help hands stay connected with no irritation. Should a rider spill, the tapered design makes for easy deep water boarding while providing plenty of flotation up front where it is needed. Unique thrill-seeker graphics set these tubes apart from any thing else on the water. Key Features of The Rave Diablo 2 Rider Towable: The "D" shape tube (48" x 56" with raised side wings and four nylon covered handles (with neoprene knuckle guards is comfortable for up to 2 riders 1-2 Riders 11lbs - $73.95