Raptorcap Sonar/Gps Hood - $27.88

See the display on your sonar and GPS more clearly, while protecting it from precipitation and harmful UV rays. The affordable RaptorCap Hood acts as both a shade and weather shield, blocking glare and screen washout from the sun and other bright light sources. The easy-to-use, adhesive-backed, Velcro mounting system facilitates fast installation and removal.Available: RAPTORCAP LOEA300 fits Lowrance LMS-240, LMS-320, LMS-320df, LMS-330c, LMS_332c, LMS-334c iGPS, LMS-335c df, LMS-337c df, LMS339c, LMS-480m, LMS-480mdf, LMS-520c, LMS-522c iGPS, LMS-525c df, LMS-527c df iGPS, X47ex, X87. X88 df, X96, X96TX, X97, X98df, X100c, X102c, X105c df, X107c df, X125, X126df, X135, X136df, X510c, X515c df, GlobalMap 2400, 3200, 3300c, 3500c, 3600c iGPS, 4800m, 5200c, 5300 iGPS, GlobalMap baja, baja 480c, baja 540cEagle: SeaCharter 320 DF, 480 DF, 500C DF, 502C DF iGPS, 640C DF, 642C DF iGPS, Sea Finder 250 DF, 320 DF, 480 DF, 500C DF, 640C DF, FishEasy 250 DS, FishElite 320, 320DF, 480, 500C, 502C iGPS, 640C, 642C iGPS, FishMark 160, 240, 320, 480, 500C, 640C, Cuda 168EX, IntelliMap 320, 480, 500, 502C iGPS, 640C, 642C iGPSRAPTORCAP HU500 fits Humminbird 515, 525, 535, 535pt, 565, 575, 580, 585c, 595c, combo, Matrix 10, 12, 15, 17, 20 portable, 25, 27, 35, 37, 47, 47 3D, 55, 65, 67, 77, 87RAPTORCAP HU700 fits Humminbird 586c, 587 ci combo, 596c, 597 ci combo, 717, 718, 727, 728, 737, 747c, 755c chartplotter, 757c combo, 767c combo, 768 combo, 777c combo, 777c2, 785c chartplotter NBVB, 785c2i chartplotter NVB, 785c2 charplotter, 787c combo, 787c2 combo, 787c2i combo NVB, 778c, 788, 797c2SI combo, 797c2 combo NVB, 798RAPTORCAP HU900 fits Humminbird 917c combo, 931c, 931c df, 937c combo, 937c df, 947c 3D combo, 955c chartplotter, 957c combo, 967c 3D combo, 981cSI, 987cSI combo, 997cSI comboRAPTORCAP LOEA400 fits Lowrance LCX-15 cI/CT, 15 MT, 16 CI, 17m, 18c, 19c, 20c, 25c, 26c HD, 27c, 28c HD, GlobalMAp 3000MT, 4000, 4900m, 5000c, 5500c, 6000c, 6500c, 6600c HD,... - $27.88