Rapala X-Rap Countdown - Translucent - $7.88

Consistently fish in the strike zone with this long-casting, suspending bait. Its uniform construction cuts hard and darts aggressively while maintaining Rapalas classic swimming action. Textured translucent body, prominent scales and lateral line capture and reflect light. VMC black-nickel hooks penetrate tough-mouthed fish and hold fast. Per each. Sizes: XRCD05 2, 1/8 oz., Trolling Depth 2-4 ft. XRCD07 2-3/4, 3/8 oz., Trolling Depth 3-5ft. Colors: (001)Silver, (002)Gold, (117)Yellow Perch, (353)Rainbow Trout, (372)Olive Green, (402)Clown, (556)Glass Ghost. Color: Translucent. Type: Crankbaits. - $7.88