Rapala Freshwater Skitter Walk - Black Nickel - $8.59

When bass are prowling near the surface, give them a lure that's bound to provoke a reaction. Rapala's Skitter Walk is designed with the qualities demanded by tournament pros. Large rattles in the body create rythmic cadence in the water that attracts fish, and the sonic-welded, plastic bodies are tough and add extra volume to the rattle. You can walk-the-dog with ease with this new lure, and it swims perfectly right out of the box. Realistic eyes provide a bright target for fish, and the weighted tail allows you to make those long casts right into a bass hole. Rapala VMC Black Nickel, Pyramid hooks are forged tough and are sharpened to hold your catch. Per each. Size: 3-1/8 . Weight: 7/16 oz. Colors: (351)Baby Bass, (077)Bluegill, (006)Frog, (299)Fire Shad, (177)Shad Translucent, (681)Holographic Shad, (682)Holographic Blue. Color: Black Nickel. Type: Topwater Walkers. - $8.59