Rapala Saltwater X-Rap - Olive Green - $9.99

The suspending X-Rap is the latest innovation from Rapala. It offers classic Rapala cutting and darting swimming action. Prominent scales and a lateral line on the body along with an internal holographic foil deliver optimum flash. The 3-D holographic eyes are natural targets for predators. The Long-Cast System has internal weights that move to the back of the body for casting distance and shift forward to improve swimming action. Permasteel 3X hooks are super-strong, corrosion-resistant and hold their sharpness. Per each.Dives: 3-5 ft. Sizes: SXR10 - 4 , 7/16 oz. SXR12 - 4-3/4 , 3/4 oz. SXR14 - 5-1/2 , 1-1/2 oz. Colors: (001)Silver, (382)Silver/Blue Mackerel, (499)Blue Sardine, (556)Bunker, (557)Hot Pink, (558)Olive Green, (618)Glass Ghost, (888)Spotted Minnow. Color: Olive Green. Type: Saltwater Stick Baits. - $9.99