Rapala Pro Guide Lock 'n Weigh /Lock 'N Grip - $29.88

Quickly and safely land and weigh even the largest species with only one hand. Once you have the fish boat-side, simply slide the Lock n Weigh over the bottom jaw. The patent-pending cam-lock system grabs onto the fish so you can lift it and check its weight on the highly accurate (+/- 3% accuracy) built-in scale. The new Magnum has redesigned extra-wide jaws to accommodate larger saltwater species. Crafted of high-grade stainless steel for lasting performance in harsh saltwater environments, all Lock n Weigh models also have padded no-slip handles for a sure grip and a wrist lanyard to keep them from going overboard. Dual-release triggers reliably retract the locking mechanism for hassle-free releases. The Lock n Grip is available with or without a digital scale. It features a rubberized lever-style handle for comfortable hand positioning throughout the lift and release. The Lock n Grip uses the same patent-pending cam-lock system and high-grade stainless steel used for the Lock n Weigh units. Available: Lock n Grip with digital scale Lock n Grip (no scale) Type: Grippers. Lock-N-Grip. - $29.88