Rapala Minnow Rap - $5.88

Stock your tackle box with these new Minnow Rap crankbaits and get ready for some lip-ripping action. Rapalas latest bait features Shad Rap action in a natural minnow profile that simulates baitfish found the world over. Made of balsa construction for the best action in any hard bait, these lures deliver a tight wobbling action and come in two distinct designs. The Classic Pattern features a clear deep-diving lip and two No. 3 VMC black nickel hooks, while the Bleeding Patterns are specially patterned with bleeding gills, red deep-diving lips and two No. 3 VMC red hooks for the ultimate wounded-minnow presentation. Youll find these baits to be very effective for walleye, pike, perch, bass and trout, when used either casting or trolling. Dives 5-11 ft. Per each. - $5.88