Rapala MaxRap Lure - FLAKE SILVER (5 1/4") - $17.99

Everything about the MaxRap shouts premium, right down to its laser-engraved scales, VMC Spark Point hooks and patented internal MaxCast mechanism. The lure has an aerodynamic shape that lets you achieve incredible casting distances to cover more water. The MaxRap is versatile. You can rip it for a erratic darting action, use a straight retrieve to take advantage of that classic Rapala minnow wobble, or allow it to suspend and twitch it enticingly. Aerodynamic body shape and balanced tungsten balls for casting distance and accuracy. Oval line tie. Deep, penetrating 3-D holographic eyes. Each lure is hand-tuned and tank-tested. Per each.Running depth: 1-3 ft.Size: 5-1/4, 1/2 oz.Color: (304)Flake Silver. Type: Stick Baits. Size 5 1/4". Color Flake Silver. - $17.99