Rapala Jointed Shallow Shad Rap - Silver - $6.49

Jointed construction with a loud rhythmic rattle mimics and exaggerates the action of a wounded baitfish. When you pause the retrieve, this lure suspends its depth just like the real thing, provoking even the wariest lurkers into striking. Forged black-nickel vanadium cone-cut hooks ensure quick, sure penetration on hooksets. Per each. Sizes: JSSR05 2, 1/4 oz., Dives 2-4ft. JSSR07 2-3/4, 3/8 oz., Dives 3-5ft. Colors: (017)Perch, (021)Firetiger, (059)Silver Shad, (114)Blue Shad, (117)Yellow Perch, (340)Red Crawdad, (402)Clown, (428)Purpledescent, (521)Hot Tiger. Color: Silver. Type: Crankbaits. - $6.49