Rapala Jigging Rap - Red Chrome - $5.79

Great for ice fishing, the Jigging Rap swims in tantalizing circles to stir up deep or suspended game fish. Balanced design with a minnow profile. Single reversed hook. Center treble and eyelet. Per each. Size: W2 - 1/8 oz., 1-1/4 W3 - 3/16 oz., 1-1/2 W5 - 5/16 oz., 2 W7 - 5/8 oz., 2-3/4 W9 - 7/8 oz., 3-1/2 Colors: (001)Silver, (005)Gold/Fluorescent Red, (006)Glow Yellow Perch, (007)Glow Hot Perch, (008)Red Chrome, (010)Glow, (021)Pearl White, (022)Gold, (023)Rainbow Trout, (029)Fluorescent Chartreuse/Silver,(077)Bluegill (not shown),(182)Chrome/Blue,(201)Helsinki Shad,(202)Regal Shad, (244)Perch, (262)Firetiger Glow, (340)Redfire Crawdad (now shown), (402)Clown, (428)Purpledescent, (651)Green Tiger UV, (652)Pink Tiger UV, (653)Orange Tiger UV. Color: Red Chrome. Type: Jigging Lures. - $5.79