Rapala Ike's Custom DT Flat Crankbait - Natural - $4.88

Professional Bass Angler Mike Ike Iaconelli has teamed with Rapala to add his personal touch to this line of DT Flat Crankbaits. Using subtler, muted colors polished to a natural, pearly finish and super-fine glitter, these unique lures can be unbelievably effective when bass arent attacking conventional patterns. Crafted of balsa wood, these long-casting lures feature a flat-sided body and coffin lip design. The internal rattle chamber adds baritone sound attraction. VMC black-nickel hooks. Sizes: DTF03 - 2-3/4, 3/8 oz. Dives to 3 ft. DTF07 - 2-3/4, 3/8 oz. Dives to 7 ft. Colors: (551)Old School, (556)Disco Shad, (557)Mardi Gras, (558)Smash. Color: Natural. - $4.88