Rapala Husky Jerk Lure - Silver - $4.99

When the fish are fussy, slip on a Husky Jerk from Rapala. With its suspending action and loud rattle, no predator fish can resist it. With its neutral buoyancy, this lure suspends just like a baitfish during pauses in your retrieves. Brilliantly painted or with genuine silver plating, the lifelike contoured scale pattern adds extra dimension to an already realistic bait. The rattle chamber transmits sound waves through water to arouse fish. Ideal for either casting or trolling, it has a running depth from 4 to 8 ft. Per each. Available: HJ06, 2-1/2, 1/8 oz. HJ08, 3-1/8, 1/4 oz. HJ10, 4, 3/8 oz. HJ12, 4-3/4, 7/16 oz. HJ14, 5-1/2, 5/8 oz. Colors: (001)Silver, (002)Gold, (021)Firetiger, (061)Tennessee Shad, (117)Yellow Perch, (201)Helsinki Shad, (351)Baby Bass, (392)Silver Blue, (402)Clown, (448)Redfire Craw, (526)Pink Clown, (541)Glass Perch, (545)Olive Ghost, (700)Pink Tiger UV, (748)Glass Minnow, (910)Helsinki Ghost, (928)Purple Clown. Color: Silver. Type: Stick Baits. - $4.99