Rapala Glass Shad Rap - Translucent - $6.49

Molded from translucent high-impact plastic with a reflective foil insert, the Glass Shad Rap from Rapala puts out an incredible prismatic flash to draw fish in close. The plastic body creates a slightly different wobble than the original balsa model. Internal rattles. Suspends when at rest. Per each. Sizes: GSR04 - 1-1/2, 3/16 oz. Dives 5-11 ft GSR05 - 2, 5/16 oz. Dives 7-11 ft GSR07 - 2-3/4, 7/16 oz. Dives 7-15 ft Colors: (117)Yellow Perch, (510)Glass Shad, (514)Glass Blue Shad, (531)Glass Purple Shad, (538)Glass Citrus Shad, (541)Glass Perch, (543)Glass Black Shad, (903)Blue Ghost, (910)Hellsinki Ghost. Color: Translucent. Type: Crankbaits. - $6.49