Rapala Fat Rap Lure - Silver - $4.99

This bait has a well-earned reputation for taking finicky fish. When crankbait anglers encounter open water and wary fish, they reach for their rod and reel and tie on a Fat Rap. The tight swimming action of this balsa wood lure perfectly imitates the motion of a fleeing shad, drawing instinctive strikes when nothing else will work. Also extremely effective when worked in heavy cover and bounced off rocks and bottom contours. The narrow bill sends the lure down to the strike zone quickly and holds it there without excessive drag that can wear you down on long days of constant casts. The razor-sharp VMC hooks penetrate easily into the boniest jaws and keep a firm bite during the wildest jumps and charges. Tank-tuned for a true action right out of the box. Per each. Sizes: Mini Fat Rap 1-1/2, 1/8 oz. Dives 0-5 ft. Fat Rap 2, 5/16 oz. Dives 0-7 ft. Colors: (001)Silver, (017)Perch, (021)Firetiger, (176)Crawdad. Color: Silver. Type: Crankbaits. - $4.99